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Super ink: Demand for Eagles tattoos soars after Super Bowl – Philadelphia Eagles Blog

PHILADELPHIA — A person who goes by the title of “The Professor” solutions the telephone and, with some grit and perspective in his voice, confirms that, sure, the demand for Philadelphia Eagles tattoos is hovering.

“It’s the first time they won, brother,” stated the proprietor of Philadelphia Eddie’s Tattoo. “Everybody that was a fan was getting them.”

Or at the least evidently means. On the day of the parade celebrating the Eagles’ first Super Bowl championship, “people were coming in six feet deep” to Eddie’s. During the playoff run, the enterprise did possibly a pair Eagles tattoos every week. But within the days surrounding the Super Bowl win over the New England Patriots, the Professor stated they have been cranking out at the least 20 a day.

The surge occurred in parlors throughout the realm, together with at Eastern Pass Tattoo in South Philly.

“We definitely had a very large influx of Eagles tattoos after [the title win],” stated Weilan, a tattoo artist at Eastern Pass. “Definitely more than doubled.”

The contemporary ink is throughout social media. Many went the normal route, getting tattoos of the group emblem or the Lombardi Trophy with “LII” accompanying the picture. Others went exterior the field. There’s the “Philly Special” play design; a picture of heart Jason Kelce in his parade-day Mummer’s suit, consuming pork roll and scrapple — two Philadelphia breakfast dishes; and, a private favourite, quarterbacks Nick Foles and Carson Wentz in sweater vests doing their finest “Step Brothers” impersonation.

“I think the weirdest ones I did were two ’52 Champs’ with the Eagles logo two days before the Super Bowl,” Weilan stated. “They were two dudes that grew up in Philly that flew [from Los Angeles] into Philadelphia to get tattooed by me before the Super Bowl to get that on them. I was like, ‘Man, don’t you guys worry about jinxing it?’ And their view was if they lost the Super Bowl after doing that, it would have been the most Philly thing possible — too overconfident before the big game.”

In their protection, some Eagles gamers have been feeling equally positive of themselves. Days earlier than the large sport, operating again Corey Clement, who got here up with an enormous 22-yard landing reception in Super Bowl LII, put his appointment with Dan Czar on the books.

“He hit me up before the ‘Bowl and said, ‘Let’s plan for Wednesday after the Super Bowl.’ And I was like, wow, this guy is really trying to get in because I knew how busy he would be,” stated Czar, a tattoo artist at AC Ink in Somer Point, New Jersey, whose work is changing into more and more well-liked within the sports activities and leisure world. “He hit me up and was like, ‘It’s time for that Super Bowl tat. Let’s go.’ And once he told me it was an Eagle, I was wired. It was awesome.”

The solely path Clement gave Czar was that he wished “an Eagle ripping out of my arm.” Czar laid down the design from there. Clement has proudly been displaying off the ultimate product within the days since.

Clement additionally bought “SB LII” tattooed in small lettering down the aspect of his neck.

The ticket into this world for Czar was Johnny Manziel. A photographer he was pleasant with known as Czar up in February of 2017 and stated that Manziel was trying to get the Eiffel Tower on the again of his forearm, STAT.

“He gave me two days’ notice: ‘Hey, I need you in Miami. Johnny wants to get some work.’ And this is probably the first time I did anyone of any importance as far as that realm … so I dropped everything and went right down and tattooed him maybe at 1 in the morning,” Czar stated. “Two months later he proposed to his wife at the Eiffel Tower, so that was pretty cool.”

From there Czar’s NFL clientele listing grew, and ultimately included Eagles cornerback Sidney Jones, who bought a “W” tattooed for his school, the University of Washington, in addition to a rose for his mother. That’s how Clement discovered Czar.

So far, the current ink he gave Clement is the one request he has had from an Eagles participant for an Eagles-themed tattoo, however Czar would not suppose it is going to be that means for lengthy.

People all around the metropolis are getting them. Some members of the navy bought go away so they may watch the sport of their residence metropolis, and made positive to get inked whereas they have been right here. Same for some Philadelphia natives now dwelling in different elements of the nation — comparable to Boston — who wished one thing to point out off after they head again. According to the Professor, there have been even out-of-towners with no actual connection to town or the Eagles who bought caught up within the second and determined to stroll into the store and have some work achieved.

“Stuff like that, the Eagles winning and all that, that’s what tattooing is based on: celebrating personal landmarks or family landmarks,” he stated. “That’s really the basis of tattoo.”

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